What is PADRE Clothing?

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PADRE Clothing is a men's lifestyle brand dedicated to men who share the same passion: Fatherhood.  Founder and CEO Matt Hammer wanted to create a company with a give back model that brought fatherhood to the forefront.  He wanted to create a brand name that enveloped that mission and PADRE was a perfect fit.  He strongly believes, through his own experiences, and of those close to him, that a positive father presence is essential to the growth and development of a child.  There is a need in our communities to help and support fatherhood.  

But how can we do that? How can we bring positive change? How can we offer support?  PADRE believes the opportunities are endless and wants to join with national and global organizations to work together to create initiatives with this goal in mind. Sounds great right? Well, the most important piece in our mission is actually YOU.  For this to work, we need the every day dad to join us on our mission.  The dad who works hard every day to provide for and protect his children. The dad who strives to be the best he can be.  You are who we represent.

We also understand that every family situation is different and no one family is exactly a like.  We live in a diverse world.  So with that being said, we look to all of you that support fatherhood, in all of it's forms and situations.  We know that next to many good fathers stands a good mother.  There are single dads, widowers, step dads, and so on.  Let's unite! 

As a new organization, we rely on our loyal followers, supporters, customers, and advocators. To those already in the PADRE family we THANK YOU.  To those meeting us for the first time we welcome you and hope you join us on our mission. Oh and we can help you do it in style!


The PADRE team

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